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Launched in 2008, Alpha Aviation Academy, Alpha Aviation Group’s U.A.E.-based academy located at Sharjah International Airport, is the Middle East’s leading pilot training provider and one of the largest and most-recognized providers of the Multi-Crew Pilot License in the world.

Managed by and in partnership with Air Arabia, Alpha Aviation Academy is the education arm of the Middle East and North Africa’s first and largest Low-Cost Carrier (LCC). The Academy is committed to training the future generation of Airline Pilots with the highest standards of aviation training in the world.


About Aviation Academy in Sharjah

Alpha offers an integrated transformation and training experience, covering the entire process from start to finish.

  • We use training facilities in the region and flight training capability in Europe, Australia and Asia to facilitate the best for our cadets.
  • Alpha is currently one of the region’s largest Multi-crew Pilot License (MPL) providers with over 200 MPL cadets under training and over 350 graduates currently flying with Air Arabia.
  • Our unique programme offers airline quality training starting from instilling an airline mindset at the onset of classroom lectures and incorporating airline practices early in the basic flight training to meeting global airline standards in the Airbus A320 training phase.
  • Our instructors focus on building the skills, knowledge and attitude of cadets during all phases of the programme as a strategy to fulfill future airline pilot requirements.
  • Our MPL programme provides a seamless route to becoming an airline pilot with a thriving career.
  • Our Academy equips each training facility with the most relevant and state-of-the-art technology, together with amenities, which are conducive to a fulfilling and positive learning experience.
  • Our management strives to bring the ‘comforts of home’ to the campus, ensuring that cadets feel safe, secure, inspired and motivated.

Approvals and Accreditations

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)Visit Website
UAE GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority)Visit Website
About Aviation Coaching in UAE


A warm welcome to all of you who aim to soar high with Alpha Aviation Academy.

We are very proud of our strong commitment to the success of future airline pilots through offering the largest and highly advanced MPL training programme in the world.

In line with our mission to provide our cadets with a seamless path to a thriving and fulfilling career, our unique programme focuses on equipping students with the required skills, knowledge, attitude and practical experience that will enable them to join any airline with 1,500 hours of accrued flight time on Airbus A320 and A321neo, in partnership with the region’s leading low-cost carrier, Air Arabia.

Upholding our value for diversity, we have welcomed candidates from more than 70 nationalities and continue to strive for inclusiveness by accepting all genders and backgrounds. With over 200 MPL cadets under training and 400 graduates already flying with multiple international airlines, we look forward to a new era of growth and aim to build on our success by continuously providing an excellent training with an optimum return on your investment.

Alpha Aviation Academy UAE Management

Strategic Plan

Alpha Aviation Academy Vision


To lead and set the highest standards of aviation training in the world.


To consistently exceed world-class aviation training standards by working strategically with the best partners in the field, identifying key areas of development for an aviator’s career path.
Alpha Aviation Academy Mission
Alpha Academy Objective


  • To train cadets to strategically surpass the requirements and standards of future airline pilots through our unique MPL programme
  • To supplement the airline industry’s expanding fleet by providing highly-trained pilots
  • To grow the organization’s model and maintain profitability through optimum management of business activities, resources and cost control
  • To streamline core operations and functions through continuous improvement and following cost-effective, lean and proactive measures
  • To work with and retain the best talents in the field, with multi-faceted skills and competencies, providing the highest quality of work in their respective areas of expertise
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