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United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is home to the world’s most dynamic cities. A federation of seven states, UAE has grown from a quiet backland into a global hub for business, tourism, transport, training, education, culture and arts. With its wide range of internationally-accredited universities, colleges and training institutions, UAE is an increasingly popular choice for overseas students, attracting visitors and residents from all over the world.

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Pilot training in Sharjah

Living in Sharjah

Sharjah is one of the UAE’s seven emirates. The heart of Sharjah is just a short drive from the metropolis Dubai, one of the world’s leading tourism and commercial destinations.

Known as the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates for being awarded as Capital of Arab Culture in 1998 by UNESCO and Capital of Islamic Culture in 2014, Sharjah offers an array of exciting activities outside of campus. From visiting cultural and historical sites to camping and racing in the desert, AAA students can look forward to the authentic Sharjah experience.

Among the best attributes of the emirate are its affordability and convenience. Amenities and services such as supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, recreational facilities, water parks and beaches are conveniently located. Its central geographical position also makes it highly accessible to other leading cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi for students to discover.

Studying in Sharjah offers students a highly-coveted opportunity to gain a first-class education and training whilst enjoying the benefits of a progressive and cultural city.

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