Course Breakdown

Course Breakdown Cadets to Pilots’ Journey through AAA’s Course Structure

The 22 to 24-months planned programme will consist of the below listed phases, in the following order:

  • Ground School
  • Theoretical knowledge classes of 14 ATPL subjects based on EASA standards
  • Core Flying
  • 70 hours on single engine aircraft
  • Basic Flying
  • Transition from single pilot to Multi-Crew Cooperation
  • Intermediate Flying
  • Application of multi-crew operations to a multi-engine turbine airplane conducted on Airbus A320 simulator
  • Advanced Flying
  • Hours on Airbus A320 full flight simulator and type rating
  • Base Training
  • Several take-offs and landings on Airbus A320 aircraft after which the cadet will obtain an MPL
  • Line Training
  • Initial on-line experience of 1,500 flying hours on Airbus A320 and A321neo with Air Arabia in order to obtain an ATPL Commercial License
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